‘Spaces’ was Katrina’s first solo exhibition at EN Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent that was open May - July, 2019, for which she received funding from Grow Wild UK and the National Lottery towards the exhibition.

“This body of work consisted of screen-printed textiles, hand drawn prints, paintings and ceramics that I worked on over a period of around 4 months. The work was made in response to British Wildflowers and looked at connecting with nature, the self and the surrounding community; how through spending time noticing small details we can begin to appreciate and nurture what we have.

I worked with Emily of Wilderness Floral Studio who created sculptural floral displays, with dried flowers sourced from British flower farms local to us as well as ones foraged from our own gardens. Through the exhibition, I hoped to raise awareness of the beauty we have on our doorstep, and how vital it is the we really look after what surrounds us - nature, our communities, ourselves. British Wildflowers play a huge part in maintaining balance, creating beauty, and help to gives us honey (who doesn’t love the bees?) and this was my homage to them. A little while spent outside with them and I know I definitely feel rejuvenated.

I wanted to curate an inviting, beautiful space, where people could feel curious, playful and included. Over the 6-week exhibition, I opened the space to other local artists and makers, inviting them to host workshops and share their craft with the local community, as well as collaborating with some of the artists on workshops too and hosting my own. It was a privileged seeing people engage with art in so many forms and is part of my practice that I would love to keep extending.”